Free HSR Rewards Alerts

Here is list of FREE sources of Stellar Jade and in-game rewards from official web events, 3rd party giveaways, and promotions for Honkai: Star Rail. This will be updated when old freebies expire and new ones are announced.

Join our and grab the @HSR-Jade-Alert and @HSR-Stuff-Alert role to get pinged whenevever new stuff drops.

Name Description
STARDB DISCORD ALL REWARDS NOTIFICATION: Join and get ping alerts on all free sources of Stellar Jade and in-game rewards immediately.
Liho Bubble Tea Collab Stellar Jade x40, Immortal's Delight x2, Credits x5,000. Buy bubble tea IRL from Liho Bubble Tea. Singapore only. Ends August 18, 2024.
KSKWLYVC75NB Fuel ×2, Traveler's Guide ×2, Refined Aether ×2: Unfortunately this code expired within 24hours of release. It is here to remind you to join the stardb discord server to get pinged right away when any code comes out.
WAKE4HCV745T Stellar Jade x50, Credits x10,000: Code from streamer sponsorship.
Handbook Lady Bonajade Stellar Jade x120: Simple web event where your negotiation skills don't really matter, just have fun.
JB3F5KH6BFG7 Traveler's Guide x2, Dreamville Special x2, Credits x10,000: Code from web event.
SEABLAZE Pika White Grape Soda x2, Credits x5,000: Code from Firefly video.
FIREFLYSGIFT Cake x2, Traveler's Guide x2: Code from Firefly Facebook video "Gift".
6T3F5HVD6LK7 Stellar Jade x50: Code for V2.3.
Twitch Drop Stellar Jade x30: Watch Honkai Star Rail Twitch streamers that have [drop] in their title for a set amount of time. You must link your Star Rail account to Twitch first.
Immersive Interactive Exhibition Stellar Jade ×120 & more: Complete various actions to obtain 20 x 6 unique Stellar Jade codes. Link here.
Opera GX Stellar Jade x30: Download Opera GX, then click the gaming tab icon and find the Star Rail Giveaway. Join, make a GX account, and receive a 30 jade code.
Traveling Mimo Chance to win Stellar Jade: One of the worst web events, requires redeeming rewards quickly before they run out. Access via Hoyolab app.
STARRAILGIFT Stellar Jade x50, Traveler’s Guide x2, Bottled Sode x5, Credits x10,000: Game Launch Gift.
Daily Check-In Stellar Jade x60, and various in-game rewards: Check-in online daily to receive rewards. The online check-in resets every month. Link here.