Optimized Daily Farm Routes

  • This is the recommended and optimized pathing for your daily overworld farming in Honkai: Star Rail
  • Data took over 100 hours to collect and test by Kragnir, Regis and members of the Completionist Discord
  • Only some barrels are destroyed
  • Cheat sheet is up to date as of Version 1.2
  • At EQ6, you can receive 77 – 85* stamina worth of rewards in the form of character exp and credits – and this doesn’t even factor in ascension and crafting material
  • *(The range in total stamina rewards is based on the number of Trotters appearing in battles).

Total Rewards

As of V1.2, a full overworld clear of 185 battles (577 enemies) will net you some juicy rewards if you have the time to spare.

Take a look at the infographic below created by Regis from the stardb Completionist Discord.

Stardb Star Rail Daily Route Stats V1.2

Overworld Destructibles and Enemy Stats

These table show the total number of destructibles and enemies in the overworld.

Honkai star rail v1.2 overworld farming stats

Stardb Completionist discord community member Kragnir is well known for his overworld speed runs. Here is how a speed run veteran recommends you farm your daily routes.

  • Green = destructible
  • Red = enemy
  • Purple = technique recharge
  • Orange Circle = teleport here

Herta Space Station (Base Zone, Storage Zone, Supply Zone)

Jarilo-VI (Outlying Snow Plains, Backwater Pass, Corridor of Fading Echoes, Everwinter Hill, Great Mine, Robot Settlement)


Xianzhou: The Luofu (Cloudford, Stargazer Navalia, Divination Commission, Artisanship Commission)

Xianzhou: The Luofu (Alchemy Commission)

  • Yellow = destructible
  • Red = enemy
Alchemy Commission

Xianzhou: The Luofu (Scalegorge Waterscape)


  1. Haven’t known about daily routine like this until I come across this magnificent guide. Thank you so much for your contribution!

  2. TY for the guide, I never have enough fuel or stamina so this is the next best thing.
    You can go super fast if you use DHIL / Yukong dash tech

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